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Which legislation requires public disclosure of spending, bans interest group donations, and limits individual contributions to campaigns?
a) Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) b) Pendleton Act c) Political Action Committee Act d) Hatch Act
Which Executive agency enforces the rules established by the FECA?
a) Federal Election Commission (FEC) b) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) c) Political Action Committees (PAC's) d) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
What are organizations formed by interest groups or businesses to donate money to campaigns called?
a) Political Parties b) Political Action Committees (PAC's) c) precincts d) nominating conventions
What do we use to select our president?
a) popular vote b) proportional plan c) electoral college d) district plan
What is the proposed alternative to the Electoral college where electoral votes per state would be divided based on the proportion of the popular vote called?
a) District Vote Plan b) Popular Vote Plan c) Straight Party Ticket Plan d) Proportional Vote Plan
How much of the electoral vote is needed in order to win the presidency
a) plurality b) majority c) 1/2 d) 1/3
How much of the popular vote within one state is needed to win all of that state's electoral votes? (In all states except Nebraska and Maine)
a) plurality b) majority c) 1/2 d) 1/3
Who won the popular vote in the 2000 Presidential Election?
a) Al Gore b) George Bush c) Bill Clinton d) Barack Obama
How is the amount of electoral votes that each state gets determined?
a) senators plus governors b) representatives plus governors c) representatives plus senators d) mayors plus governors
How many electoral votes does Missouri have
a) 10 b) 11 c) 9 d) 8
How many total electoral votes are there?
a) 538 b) 535 c) 435 d) 438
How many electoral votes constitute a majority?
a) 269 b) 218 c) 270 d) 170
Which state has the most electoral votes?
a) California b) Texas c) New York d) Florida
Which amendment allows the House to decide the presidency if no candidate receives a majority of the votes?
a) 12th b) 11th c) 23rd d) 24th
Which amendment allows Washington, D.C. to have three electoral votes for the Presidency?
a) 23rd b) 24th c) 11th d) 12th
Which linkage institution that organizes campaigns to NOMINATE CANDIDATES?
a) Interest Groups b) Political Action Committees c) Political Parties d) Precincts
Which is the main election in which an officeholder is selected?
a) primary election b) caucus c) general election d) essential election
What is the purpose of primaries and caucuses?
a) to narrow down each party's candidates to one b) to select the office holder c) to reform legislation d) to challenge existing laws
What might a candidate spend campaign contribution on?
a) bribing interest groups b) personal vacations c) hiring a private investigator d) hiring a campaign manager
What are donations made directly to a political party for general purposes called?
a) soft money b) bribes c) precincts d) hard money
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