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Where would a magnets force of attraction be strongest?
a) at its center b) between two north poles c) between two south poles d) at its opposite poles
What kind of material does a magnet attract?
a) all metals b) only non metals c) objects made from iron, cobalt, and nickel d) objects made from copper, gold, and aluminum
What are two characteristics of a force?
a) mass and volume b) magnitude and direction c) newtons and pounds per second d) the speed and direction of the object
How does an object become electrically charge?
a) it gains or loses neutrons b) it gains or loses atoms c) it gains or loses electrons d) it gains or loses protons
What force slows or keeps an object from moving?
a) gravity b) work c) friction d) neutral
What increases when work is done faster?
a) gravity b) power c) force d) air friction
What is the magnitude of a force?
a) direction of the force b) size or strength of the force c) average speed of the force d) distance over which the force acts
What force is strong enough to be felt and causes apples to fall and satellites to orbit Earth?
a) magnetism b) gravity c) electrical charge d) thrust
How does friction act on an object?
a) Friction causes the objet to move forward b) Friction slows the object or keeps it from moving c) Friction increases power d) Friction speeds up the object
Where is a magnets magnetic force greatest?
a) at the north pole b) at the south pole c) at both north and south poles d) between the north and south poles
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