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My sister likes to exercise multiple times a week. She exercises _________ a week.
a) times b) twice c) once d) never
Do you _________ travel to other countries on your summer holiday?
a) ever b) never c) how often d) did
He’s never angry. He ________ has a smile on his face.
a) never b) seldom c) always d) usually
I __________ study very hard, so I usually get high grades in school.
a) frequently b) rarely c) almost never d) hardly ever
He almost never sees a doctor because he is ___________ sick.
a) almost always b) seldom c) usually d) frequently
We visit our grandparents three or four times ________
a) the month b) a month c) month d) last month
It _________ snows where I live, so I never make a snowman.
a) sometimes b) hardly ever c) almost always d) often
I went to a restaurant last week, but I _________ eat at home.
a) seldom b) always c) usually d) rarely
She doesn’t __________ finish work early because she is often busy.
a) never b) seldom c) always d) normally
They always _________ to bed early because they always get up early.
a) go b) will go c) goes d) going
I ___________ watch cartoons because I hate them. News shows are much better.
a) almost always b) sometimes c) never d) often
__________ we go to the gym to exercise, maybe two or three days a week.
a) sometimes b) rarely c) always d) never
I _______ eat junk food because I know it’s not very healthy.
a) always b) sometimes c) seldom d) frequently
James goes to the beach only once a year. He ________ goes to the beach.
a) normally b) never c) sometimes d) almost never
My sister often __________ a book in the evenings.
a) readed b) is reading c) read d) reads
I’m never late for our English class. I’m ____________ on time.
a) often b) usually c) always d) rarely
I seldom visit my relatives, so I________see my uncle John.
a) usually b) almost never c) almost always d) sometimes
Carlos usually _________ to work.
a) walk b) walks c) is walk d) walking
Marta ____________ eats junk food because it is so convenient.
a) never b) seldom c) occasionally d) rarely
John rarely reads the newspaper. He _________ knows anything about the news.
a) seldom b) normally c) sometimes d) often
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