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A condition in which the body doesn't get the nutrients it needs to grow and function properly.
a) Malnutrition b) Relapse c) Alcoholism d) Tolerance
The ability of the body to respond quickly and appropriately to situations.
a) Relapse b) Reaction Time c) Recovery d) Tolerance
Persons who create an atmosphere in which the alcoholic can comfortably continue his or her unacceptable behavior.
a) Relapse b) Intervention c) Enablers d) Tolerance
A gathering in which family and friends get the problem drinker to agree to seek help.
a) Enablers b) Recovery c) Relapse d) Intervention
Drugs that slow down the body's functions and reactions.
a) Depressants b) Alternatives c) Alcoholism d) Malnutrition
A return to the use of a drug after attempting to stop.
a) Recovery b) Relapse c) Intervention d) Alcoholism
Other ways of thinking or acting.
a) Intervention b) Reaction Time c) Alternatives d) Recovery
The process of learning to live an alcohol-free life.
a) Alcoholism b) Relapse c) Intervention d) Recovery
A progressive, chronic disease involving a mental and physical need for alcohol.
a) Alcoholism b) Relapse c) Depressant d) Malnutrition
A process in which your body needs more and more of a drug to get the same effect.
a) Alcoholism b) Tolerance c) Relapse d) Malnutrition
A person's mental and physical abilities have been impaired by alcohol.
a) Cirrhosis b) Binge Drinking c) Intoxication d) Addiction
A conscious or unconscious restraint of a person's own behaviors or actions.
a) Addiction b) Intoxication c) Cirrhosis d) Inhibition
A physical or psychological need for a drug.
a) Addiction b) Cirrhosis c) Inhibition d) Alcohol Abuse
A pattern of drinking that results in one or more well-defined behaviors within a 12-month period.
a) Alcoholism b) Alcohol Abuse c) Intoxication d) Cirrhosis
A disease characterized by scarring and eventual destruction of the liver.
a) Fatty Liver b) Inhibition c) Cirrhosis d) Intoxication
A condition in which fats build up in the liver and cannot be broken down.
a) Cirrhosis b) Inhibition c) Intoxication d) Fatty Liver
The consumption of a large quantity of alcohol in a very short period of time.
a) Binge Drinking b) Alcoholism c) Alcohol Abuse d) Intoxication
A drug that is produced by a chemical reaction in fruits, vegetables, and grains.
a) Cirrhosis b) Alcohol c) Inhibition d) Alcoholism
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