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This instrument that measures the amount of moisture in the air
a) thermometer b) anemometer c) barometer d) hygrometer
The line where two air masses meet
a) cloud b) front c) flash flood d) stratus line
A prediction made by a meteorologist is a
a) stratus update b) front c) forecast d) climate
An instrument that measures air pressure is
a) thermometer b) anemometer c) barometer d) hygrometer
A large body of air with about the same temperature and humidity is
a) wind vane b) air pocket c) air mass d) wind pocket
The amount of moisture in the air is
a) temperature b) speed c) stratus d) humidity
An instrument that measures wind speed is
a) thermometer b) anemometer c) barometer d) hygrometer
These clouds are low and gray. They block the Sun's rays.
a) cumulus b) cumulonimbus c) stratonimbus d) stratocumulous
These can occur during hurricanes and/or thunderstorms.
a) flash floods b) wind vanes c) fronts d) forecasts
The Sun hits the Earth at an angle
a) at noon b) at noon AND in the late afternoon c) at noon AND in the early morning d) in the early morning AND late afternoon
Particles of air move farther apart when
a) The air near the surface of the Earth gets windier b) The air near the surface of the Earth gets calmer c) The air near the surface of the Earth gets cooler d) The air near the surface of the Earth gets warmer
The National Weather Service is
a) Mrs. Landreth's boss b) a government agency that studies weather c) a place where meteorologists order pizza d) an independent weather research station
When a warm air mass rises quickly and cools rapidly
a) cumulus clouds form in a blue sky b) dry, windy weather follows c) storms form d) warm, dry weather follows
What precipitation falls from the clouds when the air temperature is below freezing?
a) snow b) rain c) hail d) fog
What do clouds need to form?
a) cotton balls and glue b) water and the Sun's heat c) land and Sunlight d) water and the Sun's energy
Cooler air sinks because it is
a) lighter b) faster c) heavier d) slower
What does a thermometer measure?
a) air speed b) air temperature c) air humidity d) air pressure
Air is heated by
a) gases in the atmosphere b) solids and liquids on the Earth's surface c) melted rock inside the Earth d) the Sun
The sun heats all of the following quickly EXCEPT
a) blacktop b) buildings c) cement d) grass
The correct FLOW of water throught the water cycle is
a) evaporation, condensation, precipitation b) condensation, evaporation, precipitation c) precipitation, condensation, evaporation d) evaporation, precipitation, condensation
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