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When a more dense lithospheric plate slides under another less dense lithospheric plate at a convergent boundary where some crust is destroyed.
a) volcano b) earthquake c) subduction d) mountain building
The largest and thickest layer of the Earth made up of mostly iron and magnesium and contains hot flowing rock.
a) crust b) mantle c) inner core d) outer core
Rocks that form below the Earth's surface from the slow cooling of magma
a) intrusive igneous rock b) extrusive igneous rock c) metamorphic rock d) sedimentary rock
A break in rock caused by shearing forces is what kind of fault?
a) normal fault b) reverse fault c) strike-slip fault d) all of the answer choices
The spinning of iron and nickel cause _________ that surrounds Earth and protects it from the Sun?
a) magnetic field b) plate tectonics c) continental drift d) convection currents
What is the process where 3 seismographic stations are used to determine the epicenter of an earthquake.
a) seismograph b) seismogram c) triangulation d) epicenter
A type of map that uses contour lines and intervals to show the varying elevations of Earths surface.
a) satellite images b) topographic maps c) contour interval d) infrared imagery
A naturally occurring solid found on Earth that are the building blocks of rock. Each have different physical and chemical properties.
a) mineral b) magma c) fossils fuels d) lava
Rocks formed form the changing of existing rocks due to heat and pressure.
a) intrusive igneous rock b) extrusive igneous rock c) metamorphic rock d) sedimentary rock
What type of plate boundary is the more dense oceanic crust being pushed under the less dense continental crust?
a) convergent b) divergent c) shearing d) transform
Transverse waves that move out from earthquakes in an up and down motion and arrive second at the epicenter
a) Primary waves b) Secondary waves c) Surface waves d) all of the answer choices
Forces that push on rocks from either side causing them to slide past one another
a) compression b) tension c) shearing d) gravity
The plastic like layer of the Earth made up of liquid rock located below the lithosphere.
a) crust b) mantle c) lithosphere d) core
The point on Earth's surface directly above the origin of an earthquake
a) focus b) epicenter c) triangulation d) fault
Rocks that form from the compaction and cementation of weathered and eroded sediments
a) metamorphic rock b) sedimentary rock c) intrusive igneous rock d) extrusive igneous rock
an instrument used to detect and measure seismic waves
a) seismograph b) seismogram c) earthquake d) Richter sale
The heating, rising, cooling, and sinking of matter that causes tectonic plates to move on Earth's surface.
a) Subduction b) convection currents c) plate tectonics d) tension, compression, shearing
A mineral that is mined for its useful metal and nonmetals
a) mineral b) ores c) fossil fuels d) all of the answer choices
The theory that Earth's crust and upper mantle exist in sections that move over long periods of time
a) plate tectonics b) subduction c) lithosphere d) asthenospere
What is the liquid layer of Earth made up of iron and nickel that is directly below the mantle?
a) crust b) mantle c) inner core d) outer core
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