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Domains are divided into kingdoms.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
If a new organism were discovered, which of the following would most likely be used to classify it into the appropriate kingdom?
a) the color of the organism b) the organism's natural habitat c) the organism's body plan/structure and chemical characteristics d) the location of where the organism was found
Wolves and dogs belong to the same genus. Which other levels do they share?
a) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family b) species only c) d)
Which is the correct way to write the scientific name for the common house cat?
a) Felis domesticus b) Felis Domesticus c) felis Domesticus d) felis domesticus
Each living thing has a scientific name based on its _____.
a) genus and species b) phylum and species c) d)
The _____ is the two-word term for a living thing, based on its classification.
a) scientific name b) binomial nomenclature c) scientific name and binomial nomenclature d) Carolus Linneus
One the largest groups used to classify things are _____.
a) domains b) species c) d)
A/An _____ is a main group within in kingdom, whose members share a main characteristic.
a) phylum b) kingdom c) d)
The ability to mate and reproduce more of their own kind is shared by all members of a _____.
a) species b) phylum c) d)
the placing of things into groups of similar items
a) classification b) biodiversity c) d)
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