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How do topographic maps show depression?
a) with hachure marks on the contour lines b) with contour lines c) with wavy lines d) the lines are shaded in
What is the name of the government agency that creates maps?
a) GPS b) USGS c) Comcast d) NASA
What number value is sea level?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 0 d) it doesn't have a number value
Which way does water flow?
a) from lower elevation to higher elevation b) from higher elevation to lower elevation c) uphill d) towards mountain peak
What symbol on a topographic map shows the mountain's true elevation?
a) a triangle b) a square c) a circle d) a dot
Where is the mouth of a stream located?
a) where the river splits into several streams b) at the beginning of the river c) where the river has rapids d) at the end of the river where it meets the ocean or sea
How do topographic maps show gentle slope?
a) With lines that are close together b) With parallel lines c) With lines that are far apart d) With no lines
What is slope?
a) height above sea level b) the rise or fall of the land c) something you ski on d) point below sea level
What are dips or points below sea level?
a) depressions b) elevations c) valleys d) reliefs
Who is a person that makes maps?
a) geologist b) mapologist c) slopographer d) cartographer
What are lines on a topographic map called?
a) contour interval b) contour lines c) shape lines d) slope
Which of these is NOT an example of what a topographic map would be used for?
a) to figure out where to build schools, churches, factories, etc. b) to find out what trails to hike on c) to find how long a beach is d) to see how many people live in an area
What 3 things about the land do topographic maps tell us?
a) elevation, depression, and height b) elevation, slope, and relief c) building locations, elevation, and water d) water, wind, and land
What is the difference between a hospital and a church on a topographic map?
a) church has red cross and hospital has black cross b) hospital is larger square c) church has black cross and hospital has red cross d) church has a religious icon
What is another name for a topographic map?
a) top-down map b) contour map c) relief map d) slope map
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