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The process of increasing interdependence and connectivity among the world's markets and business.
a) Unification Initiative b) Global Unity c) Globalization d) One- World Collective
What does WTO stand for?
a) World Trade Organization b) World Treaties Organization c) World Triad Organization d) World Tree Orgamization
This type of retailer has an actual physical location.
a) Pure-play retailer b) Online auction c) Bricks and mortar business d) E-Commerce
A retailer that sells primarily through the internet is called a _____.
a) online auction b) bricks-and-mortar business c) e-commerce business d) pure-play retailer
Companies that offer wireless service to the public.
a) wireless internet service provider b) search engine c) ISP d) domain name
Tim Berners-Lee created the communication system now known as _____.
a) Internet b) CERN c) Google d) World Wide Web
_____ use automated computer programs to scan Internet databases.
a) Wireless Internet programs b) Crawler-based search engines c) Meta tags d) Internet directories
ARPANET is an acronym for what organization?
a) Advanced Reactionary Production Agency b) Advanced Recoil Projectile Agent c) Advanced Research Projects Agency d) Ardent Research Prudent Agility
The term that refers to a way of life, including behaviors, beliefs, values, and generally accepted symbols for a group of people.
a) Behavioral similarity b) Homogeneity c) subculture d) culture
A set of rules for transferring files on the Web.
a) hypertext transfer protocol b) HTML c) TCP/IP d) ISP
The common protocol through which systems communicate on the Internet is called _____.
a) TCP/IP b) HTML c) USP/IP d) CCS
A(n) _____ indicates the address of a Web site.
a) domain b) URL c) extension d) USP/IP
A program used to download and surf documents on the Web.
a) HTML b) URL c) Web browser d) Internet
Goods that one country buys from another country.
a) imports b) exports c) exchanges d) boycotts
The national policy of applying trade barriers is considered to be _____ .
a) assimilation b) protectionist c) enabling d) free trade
When a product leaves a country and is sent to another, the term used is _____
a) tariffs b) quotas c) exports d) imports
Which of the following is not a protectionist strategy?
a) tariffs b) exclusionary actions c) quotas d) boycott
Which of the following factors does not improve online businesses ability to compete?
a) Businesses can get closer to their customers and reduce the need for intermediaries between them and their customers. b) Using Web sites to reach customers often reduces the need for a sales force. c) It is easier for one company to maintain a competitive advantage in a specific market. d) Companies using the Internet can increase their efficiency and the size of their markets.
The ultimate goal of the World Trade Organization is to encourage its members to work _____
a) free trade b) higher taxes c) military rule d) increase international conflict
What decade was the shopping mall established?
a) 1960s b) 1980s c) 1990s d) 1970s
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