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If a source is accurate, it is probably also_____.
a) relevant b) authoritative c) current d) purposeful
When would a source NOT be reliable, even though it IS current, accurate, authoritative, and purposefully objective?
a) The source is NOT written by an expert on the topic or issue. b) The source has NOT been updated in five years. c) The source does NOT attempt to persuade or sell you something. d) The source is NOT written for a high school level research paper.
Which link on a website would you click to check AUTHORITY?
a) side advertisements b) About Us c) Bibliography d) Twitter/Facebook
Which of the following websites would have the most RELIABLE information for a research paper on cell phone radiation and cancer?
a) Sprint Cellular b) General Electric c) Environmental Protection Agency d) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Assume you find 4 excellent sources on your topic. Which of the following URL/domains would be the LEAST acceptable?
a) .edu b) .org c) .com d) .gov
Assume you find an article about proper nuclear waste disposal written by Dr. Stephen Frye, an expert in political science. Which CRAAP test criterion does Dr. Frye NOT meet?
a) currency b) authority c) accuracy d) purpose
What is the BIGGEST PROBLEM with an online article on the benefits of electric cars sponsored or published by the Sunoco Oil Company?
a) The article is probably irrelevant. b) The article is probably outdated. c) The article is probably biased. d) The article is probably inaccurate.
Assume you are doing research on healthy eating. You find an excellent source published online by Jenny Craig Weight Loss Systems. Which CRAAP criterion does this source NOT pass?
a) relevance b) purpose c) accuracy d) currency
A source written for middle school students might not be _____.
a) current b) relevant c) accurate d) purposeful
Which CRAAP criterion checks for functional or broken links?
a) currency b) purpose c) relevance d) accuracy
Which CRAAP criterion checks whether a source is selling or informing?
a) authority b) relevance c) purpose d) authority
Which CRAAP criterion checks whether an author is qualified to write about a certain topic or issue?
a) purpose b) relevance c) currency d) authority
Which CRAAP criterion checks whether the source is too opinionated?
a) currency b) authority c) relevance d) purpose
Which CRAAP criterion checks whether a source is up to date?
a) currency b) authority c) relevance d) purpose
Which CRAAP criterion checks whether the source's information is reliable?
a) currency b) authority c) accuracy d) relevance
Definition: The importance of the information for your topic or issue.
a) currency b) relevance c) authority d) purpose
Definition: The truthfulness of a source's information.
a) purpose b) currency c) accuracy d) relevance
Assume you are researching which laptop to buy for your college needs. Which source is PROBLEMATIC?
a) CNET: Laptop Reviews b) TigerDirect: Consumer Reviews c) New York Times: Worst Laptops to Buy d) Lenovo: Our Most Powerful Laptops Yet
Which research topic would probably not require the most up-to-date currency?
a) the popularity of ultra definition televisions b) the rise of music streaming services c) the origins of the scientific calculators d) the encryption technology of cell phones
If you are researching the presidential candidates in order to make an informed decision on election day, which source would probably be the MOST appropriate?
a) Donald Trump's Make American Great Again website b) Bernie Sanders' A Future to Believe In website c) PBS News: What Each Candidate Believes d) ABC Sunday Morning: An Interview with Ted Cruz
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