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without current the world's climates would be
a) more extreme b) more moderate c) no different d)
during a warm phase ENSO event, warm water ____________. this event causes ___________
a) accumulaties in teh Western Pacific, near the US, dramatic weather changes b) accumulaties in teh Western Pacific, near the US , stable weather c) accumulaties in teh Eastern Pacific, near South America, stable weather d) accumulaties in the Eastern Pacific, near South America, dramatic weather changes
thermohaline circulation is water movement caused by
a) wind b) pelagic organisms c) water density differences d)
based on density stratification, the primary water mass classifications include
a) surface water, deep water and photic water b) central water, intermediate water, and deep water c) intermediate water, deep water and photic water d) photic water, surface water, and bottom water
the primary source of deep and bottom water is from
a) the equator due to evaporation raising the salinity and density b) high latitudes due to freezing and cooling raising the salinity and density c) d)
the general pattern of thermohaline circulation is that of redistributing hear through the sinking of dense water, which causes deep water to rise and eventually enter the surface currents
a) true b) false c) d)
the ocean conveyor belt is improtant because
a) it is the primary methodf fishermen have to process what they catch b) it redistributes heat and moderates the Earth\\\'s climate c) none of the answers are correct d)
The _____ method studies currents by travelling with their flow. the ______ methdo studies currents by measuring the water that flows by a fixed point
a) Eularian, Lagrangian b) Lagrangian, Eularian c) Drouge, Lagrangian d) Eularian, Doppler
Examples of instruments or methods used by study currents are
a) drouges and argo floats b) flow meters and doppler acoustic current meters c) satellites, radioactive chemicals and rubber ducks d) all of these answers are correct
The test is on what chapter
a) Chapter 8 b) Chapter 7 c) Chapter 9 d) Chapter 8 and 9
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