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Collection of a thick blood smear may be requested to detect:
a) elevated bilirubin b) hypothyroidsim c) malaria microbes d) phenylketonuria
Iron filings used in capillary blood gas collection:
a) help mix the anticoagulant b) prevent platelet adhesion c) stabilize the oxygen levels d) stop air bubble formation
Which statement concerning capillary blood gases is untrue?
a) They are less dangerous than ABGs. b) Results are much more accurate than ABGs c) Specimens contain venous and arterial blood. d) Collection exposes the blood specimen to air.
An infant may require blood transfusion if blood levels of this substance exceed 18 mg/dL.
a) bilirubin b) carnitine c) galactose d) thyronxine
Which of the following is a newborn screening test?
a) bilirubin b) GALT c) H and H d) WBC
Neonatal screening for this disorder is required by law in the United States:
a) HDN b) diabetes c) HBV d) PKU
The best way to mix blood in an additive microtube is to:
a) invert it gently. b) shake it briskly c) roll it in the hands d) tap it sharply
Which test must be collected by venipunture?
a) blood culture b) electrolytes c) hemoglobin d) lithium levels
Which of the following steps should be omitted from infant heel puncture?
a) Apply bandage b) Clean the site c) ID the patient d) Warm the site
After making a blood smear:
a) blow on it until dry. b) let it dry naturally. c) place it in alcohol. d) wave it until dry
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