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a) stunned b) genius c) focused d) superb
an extremely intelligent or talented person
a) focused b) suburb c) genius d) stunned
able to concentrate on one thing
a) stunned b) genius c) focused d) superb
a change from one form, condition, or activity to another
a) genius b) disdain c) transition d) perspective
shocked and confused
a) focused b) genius c) stunned d) superb
a feeling of dislike for someone or something you think is unworthy
a) disdain b) focused c) transition d) superb
your point of view; the way you see things
a) prospect b) transition c) perspective d) superb
something you look forward to or expect
a) prospect b) disdain c) superb d) perspective
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word genius?
a) angry b) hilarious c) intelligent d) needy
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word disdain?
a) contempt b) discomfort c) esteem d) fear
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