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Bills that have to do with money must start in the
a) Supreme Court b) Senatae c) House of Representatives d) Silly Putty Playground
The power to get rid of laws that are against the Constitution is called
a) Silly Putty strikes again b) Veto c) Override d) Judicial Review
The President serves a
a) 2-year term b) 4-year term c) 6-year term d) until he runs out of Silly Putty
Supreme Court justices serve a
a) 2-year terrm b) 6-year term c) lifelong term d) Silly Putty stretch
The Supreme Court
a) votes on laws b) gives Silly Putty players money c) approves the votes for President d) interprets laws
The department that prints the money we use is called the Department of
a) Justice b) State c) the Treasury d) Silly Putty Singles
The heads of different departments are called the
a) Congress b) Cabinet c) Supreme Court d) Silly Putty Players
The President is the head of the armed forces or
a) the Boss b) a 5-star general c) Silly Putty Commander d) Commander-in Chief
Congress has two parts, the
a) legislative and executive b) Silly Putty and Silly Patty c) federal and district d) House and Senate
In order for a bill to become a law, it must be passed by
a) the Senate b) both houses of Congress c) the Supreme Court d) Silly Putty advisors
The two major political parties in the United States are the
a) legislative and judicial b) Republic and Democracy c) Silly Putters and Silly Putty Slingers d) Republicans and Democrats
When the President appoints someone to the Supreme Court, that person must be approved by
a) the House of Representatives b) the Senate c) a majority of the people d) Silly Putty representatives
Congress must approve
a) all laws b) treaties with other countries c) both of these d) none of these
Another word for the executive part of government is the
a) Congress b) Supreme Court c) President d) Silly Putty Slinger
Federal government officials can be impeached or
a) accused of misconduct b) fired c) given a life sentence d) have their Silly Putty taken away
National government is also known as
a) state b) federal c) Silly Putty Slingers d) confederate
The government gets its money from
a) taxes b) donations c) treaties with foreign governments d) Silly Putty sales
One power of the President is to veto or
a) kick people out of Congress b) go to war c) not approve a law d) use Silly Putty to stick behind his ear
US government has
a) 5 parts b) 10 rights c) 3 branches d) Silly Putty rules
The part of government that makes laws is
a) President b) Congress c) Supreme Court d) Silly Putty Players
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