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Why was Plymoth founded?
a) Economic reasons ($) b) Religious reasons + c) To expand territory d)
Who helped settlers in Plymoth?
a) Powhatan b) Pocahontas c) Squanto d) King Phillip
What tribe was Squanto from?
a) Powhatan b) Wampanoag c) Roanoks d)
What is the name of the government contract that the Pilgrims put in place?
a) House of Burgesses b) Constitution c) Treaty of Paris d) Mayflower Compact
Who started town hall meetings in Plymoth?
a) William Bradford b) John Winthrop c) John Smith d) Patrick Henry
The Wampanoags did not help the Pilgrims.
a) True b) False c) d)
Who was the leader of the Wampanoag tribe?
a) Squanto b) Tisquantum c) Powhatan d) Massasoit
How was Plymoth similar to Jamestown?
a) They both had great relationships with Native Americans b) They both were settled by Englishmen c) They both had fertile farmland d)
Where is Plymoth located?
a) Virginia b) New York c) Massachusetts d)
Which other colony was founded in Massachusetts?
a) Philadelphia b) Boston c) Jamestown d)
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