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Which best describes the purpose of the muscular system?
a) The muscular system allows movement of bones and helps maintain posture. b) The muscular system carries messages from the brain to the bones to move the body. c) The muscular system keeps the bones strong and protects them from being broken. d) The muscular system produces energy the body needs to be able to move.
Which describes a task performed by the circulatory system?
a) transporting waste materials b) sending messages to the brain c) controlling muscle movement d) producing energy from foods
How does the skeletal system benefit the digestive system?
a) It protects organs within the system. b) It supplies blood to organs within the system. c) It provides oxygen to organs within the system. d) It provides nutrients to organs within the system.
Which body system’s main purpose is to help the body move?
a) muscular b) digestive c) circulatory d) respiratory
How does the muscular system depend on the nervous system?
a) The nervous system sends signals to the muscles to cause movement. b) The nervous system transports blood to the muscles. c) The nervous system provides support for the muscles. d) The nervous system supplies food and oxygen to the muscles.
Which best compares the respiratory system to the circulatory system?
a) The respiratory system provides oxygen for cells, while the circulatory system transports oxygen to cells. b) The respiratory system transports oxygen to cells, while the circulatory system provides oxygen for cells. c) The respiratory system breaks down food for cell energy, while the circulatory system rids the body of waste. d) The respiratory system rids the body of waste, while the circulatory system breaks down food for cell energy.
Which task in the human body is accomplished through the combined efforts of the cardiovascular and muscular systems?
a) pumping blood throughout the body b) protecting major body organs c) releasing waste products from the body d) moving water and nutrients from one organ to another
Which system moves blood around the body?
a) circulatory b) digestive c) respiratory d) nervous
How do the muscular and skeletal systems work together to help the body?
a) They provide structure and movement for the body. b) They provide blood to the body. c) They provide nutrients to the body. d) They provide oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body.
Which system is controlled by involuntary muscle movement in the diaphragm?
a) respiratory b) digestive c) circulatory d) muscular
What is the main function of the nervous system?
a) deliver messages to and from the brain b) clean waste from the cells c) absorb nutrients for energy d) assist with movement
Which best describes the role of the respiratory system?
a) It helps people breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. b) It helps people stand upright. c) It helps people eat and digest different foods. d) It helps people transport blood throughout their bodies.
How does the skeletal system benefit the nervous system?
a) It protects the brain and spinal cord. b) It protects the lungs. c) It protects the heart. d) It protects the esophagus and stomach.
How does the circulatory system work with the digestive system?
a) Blood carries nutrients throughout the body. b) Blood is used to build muscle strength. c) Food is broken down in the bloodstream. d) Food waste is filtered by the heart and blood vessels.
Which is a major organ of the circulatory system?
a) heart b) brain c) kidney d) stomach
Why is the respiratory system so important?
a) The skeletal system produces red blood cells and the circulatory system transports those cells where they need to go. b) The skeletal system transports red blood cells after the circulatory system produces them. c) The skeletal system protects red blood cells and the circulatory system pumps those cells through veins and arteries. d) The skeletal system helps put oxygen in red blood cells and the circulatory system helps those cells rid the body of carbon d
Which best describes the relationship between the skeletal system and the circulatory system?
a) respiratory b) nervous c) digestive d) muscular
Which body system is responsible for supplying the body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide?
a) It controls breathing and gas exchange in the body. b) It controls digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. c) It controls heartbeat and blood circulation throughout the body. d) It controls internal body temperature and cools the body through sweat.
Which major body system breaks down food to release nutrients needed for energy production?
a) digestive b) respiratory c) cardiovascular d) muscular
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