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Conflict between the U.S. the Soviet Union from 1945-1991 when the Soviet Union fell and split up into many different countries ending communism in Europe
a) Cold War b) WWI c) WWII d) Gulf War
Alliance to provide defense against the Soviet Union
a) NATO b) Warsaw Pact c) SEATO d) CENTO
Communist Alliance in the Iron Curtain countries of Europe (Poland, East Germany, Poland, Soviet Union)
a) Warsaw Pact b) NATO c) SEATO d) CENTO
Law passed to offer countries aid threatened by communism
a) Truman Doctrine b) Monroe Doctrine c) Roosevelt Corollary d) Kennedy Act
Term used to describe the division between communism democracy in Europe during the Cold War. Symbol was the Berlin Wall
a) Iron Curtain b) Steel Curtain c) SEATO d) CENTO
Organization created to stop Soviet Aggression in Southeast Asia
a) SEATO b) Warsaw Pact c) CENTO d) NATO
World wide organization created after WWII replacing the League of Nations
a) United Nation b) SEATO c) NATO d) Warsaw Pact
The U.S. policy to stop the spread of Communism
a) Containment b) Collectivization c) Socialism d) Republicanism
Provided aid to Europe after WWII.
a) Marshall Plan b) Containment c) Domino Theory d) Collectivization
If one country fell to communism, others around it would fall as well
a) Domino Theory b) Containment c) Collectivization d) Marshall Plan
Went through a communist revolution right after World War II
a) China b) Vietnam c) Korea d) Japan
First Satellite in orbit was the Soviet Sputnik, the U.S. increased Math Science after Sputnik.
a) Space Race b) Vietnam War c) Cuban Missile Crisis d) Korean War
1950-53, N. Korea invaded S. Korea. Ended in a cease-fire where communism was contained to N. Korea. Countries split at the 38th Parallel
a) Korean War b) Vietnam War c) Space Race d) Cuban Missile Crisis
1954-75, Communist N. Vietnam and Anti-Communist S. Vietnam were involved in a conflict split at the 17th Parallel. The U.S. helped S. Vietnam from 1961-1973. S. Vietnam surrendered in 1975.
a) Vietnam War b) Korean War c) Cuban Missile Crisis d) Space Race
Conflict between the Soviet Union (Khrushchev) the U.S. (Kennedy) in 1962.
a) Cuban Missile Crisis b) Korean War c) Vietnam War d) Space Race
Split the city of Berlin from 1961-1989, symbol of the Iron Curtain
a) Berlin Wall b) Perestroika c) Berlin Airlift d) Glasnost
Designed to help the people of West Berlin to get supplies
a) Berlin Airlift b) Berlin Wall c) Perestroika d) Iron Curtain
Soviet policy in the 1980s that increased freedom
a) Glasnost b) Perestroika c) Berlin Wall d) Berlin Airlift
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