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What was the Byzantine Empire a continuation of?
a) Roman Empire b) Greek Empire c) Egyptian Empire d) African Empire
Constantinople was a bridge between Europe and...
a) Africa b) North America c) Asia d) Australia
What did people who lived in the Byzantine Empire call themselves?
a) Asians b) Greeks c) Romans d) Europeans
What was NOT grown in the Byzantine Empire?
a) Grapes b) Bananas c) Olives d) Wheat
What did Constaninople do for additional protection?
a) Built walls around the city b) Trades with enemies c) Made allies with surrounding empires d) Built a strong army
What part of the Roman Empire did the Byzantine Empire grow out of?
a) Northern b) Southern c) Eastern d) Western
What is one reason Constantinople was in a great location?
a) Summers were hot b) The Peninsula/water on three sides protected it from invaders c) Winter was cold d) The region received very little rainfall
What was NOT a Roman influence
a) Wood homes b) Public baths c) Chariot Races d) Spoke Greek
What was NOT a blend of cultures in the Byzantine Empire?
a) Roman b) Greek c) Asian d) American
What is a Hippodrome?
a) An ancient Greek stadium used for horse and chariot racing b) a large, important Christian church c) a religious image d) A journey to a place of religious importance
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