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What is Jupiter's largest moon?
a) Ganymede b) Lo c) Europa d) Callisto
What is a ring that circles some planets?
a) What you wear on your finger b) A thin disk of small particles of ice and rock c) The noise your cell phone makes when you get a call d) Gases and clouds that circle a planet
What is unique about Jupiter?
a) It is a planet b) It has different colors c) ts mass is about 2 1/2 times that of all the other planets combined d) It can not support life
Uranus is blue/green because of traces of
a) oxygen b) ammonia c) hydrogen d) methane
The great red spot is what?
a) Lightening b) a red dot c) a storm d) an animal
What is the second largest planet?
a) Neptune b) Jupiter c) Uranus d) Saturn
What two planets are both blue because of methane in their atmosphere?
a) Uranus and Saturn b) Neptune and Pluto c) Earth and Mars d) Neptune and Uranus
What planet is the largest?
a) Mercury b) Neptune c) Jupiter d) Saturn
This planet has the most spectacular rings.
a) Neptune b) Jupiter c) Uranus d) Saturn
All of the outer planets are known as the
a) Massive Planets b) Gas Giants c) Qas Qiants d) Titanium Planets
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