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The _______ of a number is one of three equal factors.
a) radicand b) integers c) whole number d) cube root
The result of multiplying a number times itself
a) perfect square b) radical sign c) integers d) real numbers
Includes both the rational and irrational numbers
a) natural numbers b) real numbers c) whoel numbers d) irrational numbers
The number or expression under the radical sign
a) radicand b) perfect cube c) square root d) cube root
The result of multiplying a number times itself three times
a) square root b) perfect cube c) radicand d) radical sign
A sign that indicates to take the square root of a number
a) peace sign b) whole numbers c) real numbers d) Radical sign
All the whole numbers and their opposites (...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3
a) integers b) rational c) whole number d) square root
Also know as counting numbers(1,2,3,...)
a) Natural numbers b) radicand c) whole numbers d) cube root
A number that cannot be written as a fraction and decimals that are non-terminating and non repeating
a) Irrational number b) rational number c) natural number d) whole number
A decimal that has a repeating digit
a) repeating decimal b) power c) monomial d) integers
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