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Which type of wood takes 100 years to grow?
a) Evergreen Hardwood b) Deciduous Softwood c) Evergreen Softwood d) Deciduous Hardwoods
What do deciduous hardwood trees do during winter?
a) They grow more quickly b) They stop growing c) They lose their leaves d) They become softer
Which family does the Elm hardwood belong to?
a) Deciduous Hardwood b) Evergreen Harwood c) Deciduous Softwood d) Evergreen Softwood
Which type of hardwood Mainly grows in subtropical and tropical climates?
a) Deciduous Hardwoods b) Evergreen Hardwoods c) Deciduous Softwoods d) Evergreen Softwoods
Name the two European Evergreen Harwoods
a) Ebony and Rosewood b) Holly and Teak c) Teak and Mahogany d) Holly and Laurel
Where are softwoods usually grown
a) Everywhere b) I dont know!!! c) Colder, cooler climates d) Warm, hotter climates
How fast do softwoods grow?
a) 30 years b) 10 years c) 150 years d) 100 years
How do softwood trees produce leaves?
a) Leafy b) Cones c) Flowers d) Fruit
Why do manufacturers prefer to use softwoods?
a) Because they are cheaper to produce b) Because the grains are nicer c) Because the color is prettier d) Because they are softer
What is a conferous tree?
a) Any tree or shrub bearing cones b) Any tree that has lots of leaves c) Any tree that has a thick trunk d) Any tree bearing fruits
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