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having sensitive feelings
a) congruent b) compassionate c) caustic d) liberal
a) jovial b) humble c) caustic d) congruent
a) baffled b) wry c) belligerent d) facetious
go by
a) elapse b) explicit c) liberal d) abolish
a) compassionate b) caustic c) humble d) jovial
remove from normal place
a) despairing b) vexed c) displace d) abolish
a) flippant b) despairing c) displace d) compassionate
less impprtant; lower rank than someone
a) implicit b) poignant c) explicit d) subordinate
very emotional
a) poignant b) jovial c) wry d) humble
giving or using in large amounts
a) liberal b) subordinate c) elapse d) belligerent
to put to an end
a) wry b) elapse c) displace d) abolish
a) baffled b) vexed c) facetious d) flippant
a) implicit b) explicit c) liberal d) subordinate
kidding or sarcastic
a) facetious b) poignant c) baffles d) vexed
joking in a rude manner
a) facetious b) flippant c) jovial d) caustic
not proud or arrogant
a) liberal b) congruent c) humble d) compassionate
included without question
a) explicit b) implicit c) elapse d) belligerent
a) despairing b) jovial c) poignant d) vexed
a) caustic b) facetious c) vexed d) wry
a) wry b) vexed c) elapse d) baffled
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