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a series of events that happen over and over again
a) seep b) cycle c) circulate d) absorb
large masses of ice found in cold regions or on top of mountains
a) cycle b) affect c) glaciers d) absorb
to flow or spread slowly
a) absorb b) affect c) cycle d) seep
to soak up
a) cycle b) seep c) absorb d) affect
to keep from harm or loss
a) absorb b) seep c) conserve d) cycle
to influence
a) affect b) cycle c) absorb d) seep
something that is needed or required
a) affect b) seep c) glaciers d) necessity
to move in a circular path
a) circulate b) affect c) cycle d) conserve
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word necessity?
a) exciting b) impossible c) required d) optional
Verb: 1. to influence 2. to have an effect of something
a) affect b) absorb c) conserve d) circulates
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