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If you climb the stairs and then run the stairs, Work_______.
a) Increase b) Decreases c) Stays the same d)
3000 N Moves a car 1 Meter. How much work is done?
a) 3J b) 30J c) 300J d) 3000J
2000 N Moves a car .5Meter. How much does kinetic energy change?
a) 4000J b) 5250J c) 500J d) 1000J
a) d/f b) F/D c) Fxd d) w/t
Distance is measured in __________.
a) Watts b) Meters c) Joules d) Kilograms
In order for work to be done the object must_________.
a) Be falling b) Be Moving c) Stand Still d) Tip over
Work =
a) Kinetic energy b) power c) mass d) time
For work to be done, force must be applied in the direction of________.
a) The Sun b) The Moon c) The Force d) The Ground
What is the unit for Power?
a) Watt b) Newtons c) Joules d) Meters
What is the Unit for work?
a) Watt b) Newtons c) Joules d) Meters
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