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Tales of the Xia dynasty show what was important during that time period?
a) cooperation b) legalism c) social ranking d) trade
The Shang period influcence what in China today?
a) canals b) art c) writing d) religion
The correct definition for the term diffusion is?
a) a hard gemstone b) a long journey c) the spread of ideas from one culture to another d) a new idea, method, or device
Who built the first sentions of the Great Wall?
a) Different kings from different families b) The Zhou dynasty c) The Qin Dynasty d) Emperor Wudi
The effect on the spread of Buddhism that the decline of the Han government had was?
a) slowed the spread of the religion b) stayed the same c) helped the spread of the religion d)
The most famous Daoist teacher was?
a) Laozi b) Confucius c) Shi Huangdi d) Liu Bang
Which of the following is NOT a religious philosophy?
a) Confucism b) Legalism c) Daoism d)
Han artwork showed which of the following?
a) daily activities b) gods c) myths d) tales of heroes
Which of the following led China to make contact with other cultures?
a) The Chinese Empire fell into great poverty b) The Chinese Empire became prosperous c) The Chinese Empire developed a powerful army d) The Chinese Empire was invaded by other groups
What was the greates effect on China of the popularity of silk in Rome?
a) China started a war b) China ended farming c) China became wealthy d) China stopped trading
Confucious stated that moral leadership, not laws, would bring order to China. What does this mean?
a) Government workers should act the same as farmers and artisans b) Leaders should act decently and always try to do the right thing c) Laws shoud be made that require people to behave correctly d) People who become leaders should disregard the laws of China
Which is the most appropriate response out of the following to the statement: The Qin dynasty was bad for China
a) That is true, becuase the people adored Shi Huangdi b) That is correct. The dynasty weakend and divided China c) That is false, becasue the people were unhappy with Shi Huangdi d) That is incorrect. The dynasty strenghtened and unified China
In what way did the social order of the Han dynasty differ from the social order of the Shang dynasty?
a) Peasants had a higher rank during the Han dynasty b) Nobels had a higher rank during the Shang dynasty c) Merchants had a higher rank during the Han dynasty d) Scholars had a higher rank during the Shang dynasty
Compare Liu Bang to all of the other Chinese Leaders befoer him. In which of the following ways was he different?
a) He was the longest-serving emperor of China b) He was the first student of Confucious to become emperor c) He was the only Daoist teacher to become emperor d) He was the only common person to become emperor
The Zhou leaders granted land in return of rlayalty, military support, and other services. This was essentially a way to...
a) encourage famers and nobles to get along b) purchase people's loyalty and support c) increase farming throughout China d) share wealth for the good of the people
What landform seperates China from its neighbors to the north?
a) the Pacific Ocean b) the Plateua of Tibet c) the Gobi Desert d) the Himalayan Mountains
What linked China with the Middle East and Rome
a) trade routes b) canals c) Great Wall d) rivers
Which group DID NOT hold any social rank during the Han period?
a) Emperor b) Military c) Merchants d) Peasants/farmers
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