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I ___ a book now
a) read b) am reading c) reads d) reading
They always ___ coffee in the morning.
a) are drinking b) doesn't drink c) drink d) drinks
She usually ___ up at 8.00.
a) gets b) are getting c) don't get d) get
We ___ lunch now.
a) have b) don't have c) is having d) are having
You __ to the cinema every Monday.
a) goes b) go c) are going d) aren't going
Be quiet! The baby ____.
a) sleep b) sleeping c) is sleeping d) don't sleep
I often ___ my breakfast at 6.00.
a) am having b) has c) doesn't have d) have
He ___ his hair every day.
a) washes b) are washing c) wash d) don't wash
They ___ at the moment
a) swim b) swims c) don't swim d) are swimming
The Earth ___ around the sun.
a) is revolving b) doesn't revolve c) revolves d) isn't revolving
I never ___ dinner.
a) am cooking b) cook c) cooks d) doesn't cook
Kate ___ green eyes.
a) have b) has c) is having d) don't have
They ___ German this year.
a) 'm studying b) doesn't study c) studies d) are studying
You usually ___ to school.
a) walk b) are walking c) doesn't walk d) walking
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