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sent volunteers to developing countries to help with projects such as digging wells and building schools.
a) peace corps b) a c) b d) c
barrier of concrete and barbed wire seperating east and west berlin
a) berlin wall b) a c) b d) c
communist dictator of cuba
a) fidel castro b) a c) b d) c
US military formed a blockade around cuba to stop soviet union from bring in more weapons.
a) cuban missile crisis b) a c) b d) c
competition between US and soviet union to explore space
a) space race b) a c) b d) c
first man to travel into space
a) yuri gagarin b) a c) c d) b
first man to walk on the moon
a) niel armstrong b) a c) b d) c
communist leader of north vietnam
a) ho chi minh b) a c) b d) c
fear that if one country fell to communism that surrounding countries would as well
a) domino theory b) a c) b d) c
communist guerilla forces who fought for north vietnam
a) vietcong b) a c) b d) c
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