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The alcohol in alcoholic drinks is called
a) Ethanol b) Methanol c) Alkanol d) Propanol
Starch and sucrose can be hydrolysed using
a) Benedict's reagent b) Visking tubing c) Amylase and hydrochloric acid d) Yeast
The process by which glucose is converted to alcohol using the enzymes in yeast is called
a) Photosynthesis b) Fermentation c) Combustion d) Distillation
The test for reducing sugars is that they change
a) Benedict's solution from blue to brick red b) Iodine from brown to blue/black c) Iodine from brown to brick red d) Benedict's solution from blue to blue/black
The test for starch is that it changes
a) Iodine from brown to brick red b) Benedict's solution from blue to blue/black c) Iodine from brown to blue/black d) Benedict's solution from blue to brick red
Carbohydrates contain the elements
a) Carbon and Oxygen b) Carbon and Water c) Carbon and Hydrogen d) Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
The process by which plants and animals break down carbohydrates using oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water is called
a) Combustion b) Photosynthesis c) Respiration d) Condensation
Which of the following compounds is a monosaccharide
a) Starch b) Fructose c) Sucrose d) Maltose
The formula for fructose is
a) (C6H1O5)y b) C6H12O6 c) C12H22O11 d) C2H5OH
Which sugar does not cause Benedict's solution (when heated) to change colour?
a) Lactose b) Glucose c) Sucrose d) MAltose
Which of the following carbohydrates does not taste sweet
a) Sucrose b) Cellulose c) Lactose d) Fructose
During photosynthesis chlorophyll in the leaves of a plant
a) Absorbs sunlight's energy b) Breaks down carbon dioxide c) Bubbles d) Neutralises acid
Which of the following is not true about when two monosaccharides join together?
a) A molecule of water is released b) It is a condensation reaction c) A disaccharide is formed d) It is called hydrolysis
Which of the following molecules is NOT a disaccharide?
a) Glucose b) Lactose c) Maltose d) Sucrose
The beam of light will be clearly seen in which of these solutions when light is shone on them?
a) Starch b) Sucrose c) Glucose d) Maltose
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