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The sheep would often repeat this until chapter 10
a) Four legs good, two legs bad b) Four legs good, two legs better c) Beasts of England d) Comrade
This character is always grouchy and never sees the positive side of things
a) Boxer b) Napoleon c) Snowball d) Benjamin
The original name of Animal Farm was
a) Manor Farm b) Mr. Jones' Farm c) Pinchfield Farm d) England Farm
The laws of Animalism are contained in
a) Beasts of England b) The Seven Commandments c) the Animal Farm constitution d) Napoleon's office
Czar Nicholas II is symbolized by
a) Old Major b) Mr. Jones c) Snowball d) Squealer
Napoleon symbolizes
a) Stalin b) Trotsky c) Lenin d) KGB
Squealer symbolizes
a) KGB b) Stalin c) MIddle Class d) The biased media/propaganda
Mr. Frederick symbolizes
a) Napoleon b) Winston Churchill c) Adolf Hitler d) Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky is symbolized by the character of
a) Napoleon b) Snowball c) Old Major d) Squeler
This character thought that hard work is always the solution
a) Snowball b) Benjamin c) Napoleon d) Boxer
What event starts the Rebellion?
a) planning by the animals b) animals being beaten c) animals not being fed d) Farmer Jones abandoning the farm
Whose idea is it to rebel and take control of the farm?
a) Old Major b) Snowball c) Napoleon d) Squealer
What is the first example of everything NOT being equal on Animal Farm?
a) Pigs drinking the milk b) Pigs eating the apples c) Pigs sleeping in beds d) Pigs drinking alcohol
This character first had the dream of Animal Farm
a) Snowball b) Napoleon c) Squealer d) Old Major
The windmill was originally this character's idea
a) Snowball b) Napoleon c) Squealer d) Old Major
This human helped Napoleon make deals with other humans
a) Mr. Jones b) Mr. Frederick c) Mr. Whymper d) Mr. Pilkington
This character acts as a kind of mother figure to the other animals on the farm
a) Mollie b) Clover c) Murial d) Boxer
This character was suspicious of the pigs from the beginning but didn't warn anyone of his concerns
a) Boxer b) Benjamin c) Murial d) Clover
What was the name of the first battle where the animals fought off Jones and his men?
a) Battle of the Windmill b) Battle of the Barnyard c) Battle of the Cowshed d) Battle of the Farm
This character is the poet of Animal Farm
a) Snowball b) Minimus c) Maximus d) Squealer
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