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Which of theses things is NOT a fossil?
a) dinosaur bones b) a cast of an insect c) a person's shoe print d) a mold of a plant
What type of rock are most fossils found in?
a) Sedimentary b) Metamorphic c) Igneous d) Hard Rocks
True or False- Fossils only teach us about dinosaurs.
a) True b) False c) No Answer - Do NOT choose. d) No Answer - Do NOT choose.
Which of the following can become a fossil?
a) remains of animals b) imprints of plants c) remains of plants d) all of these
True or False? We cannot learn anything by studying fossils.
a) True b) False c) No Answer - Do NOT choose. d) No Answer - Do NOT choose.
What is a scientist that studies fossils called?
a) Dinosaurologist b) Dermatologist c) Paleontologist d) Fossilologist
Which of the following parts of an animal is most likely to become a fossil?
a) tooth b) lung c) skin d) heart
Which of the following best describes a fossil?
a) a paper b) a picture c) an imprint d) a video
Which organism is MOST likely to form a fossil?
a) a worm b) a flower c) a crab d) a seed
Fossils are usually found in ...
a) rocks. b) minerals. c) crystals. d) water.
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