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What do the respiratory system and cellular respiration have in common?
a) Oxygen plays a key role in both b) They both rely on the heart c) They both expel oxygen as a waste product d) They have nothing in common
What are the chemical products of cellular respiration?
a) Water and amino acids b) Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and urea c) Oxygen, lactic acid, and ammonia d) Carbon dioxide, water, and ATP
ATP is to your cells as ____________ is to a car.
a) The engine b) Gasoline c) The tires d) The steering wheel
Which cells in your body undergo cellular respiration?
a) Your heart cells b) You skin cells c) Your brain cells d) Every cell in your body
How does your body get rid of the carbon dioxide produced by cellular respiration?
a) Through you lungs b) Through your urine c) Through your sweat d) Through your intestines
In which organelles does cellular respiration take place?
a) Nuclei b) Mitochondria c) Ribosomes d) Golgi bodies
Which produces more energy, aerobic respiration or fermentation?
a) Fermentation b) Respiration c) They produce the same amount of energy d) It depends on the type of cell
How do we get the glucose we need to power our cells?
a) Brething b) Exercising c) Eating d) Drinking water
In fermentation, what do cells use instead of oxygen to break down glucose?
a) Carbon dioxide b) Water c) Lactic acid d) Nitrogen
What's one major reason human cells have evolved to depend on aerobic, and not anaerobic, respiration?
a) There's more oxygen in the atmosphere than any other gas b) Aerobic respiration is simpler than anaerobic respiration c) Aerobic respiration is faster than anaerobic respiration d) Aerobic respiration produces more energy than anaerobic respiration
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