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You have 30 crayons. You have 6 boxes of crayons. Each box has the same number of crayons. How many crayons are in each box?
a) 5 boxes b) 5 crayons c) 6 boxes d) 6 crayons
You have 21 fish. You have 3 fish tanks. Each fish tank has the same number of fish. How many fish in each tank?
a) 7 fish tanks b) 8 fish c) 7 fish d) 8 fish tanks
You see 12 birds. You see 2 trees. Each tree has the same number of birds. How many birds in each tree?
a) 10 trees b) 10 birds c) 6 trees d) 6 birds
Amorie has 120 hair beads. If she invites 3 other 
friends to get their hair done, how many beads 
would each girl get?
a) 30 friends b) 40 friends c) 30 beads d) 40 beads
Iverson has 15 games that he plays. Each game 
has 3 characters. How many characters are there 
in all the games he plays?
a) 45 games b) 45 characters c) 30 characters d) 30 games
There are 5 classes in our grade and 23 kids in each class. How many kids do we have in the whole grade?
a) 15 classes b) 4 classes c) 105 kids d) 115 kids
We have 13 boxes of cupcakes with 5 cupcakes in each box. How many cupcakes are there all together?
a) 65 cupcakes b) 15 cupcakes c) 65 boxes d) 15 boxes
There are 8 groups of 43 kids on a fieldtrip. How many kids went on the fieldtrip?
a) 244 kids b) 344 kids c) 34 groups d) 51 kids
If there are 7 rows on a book shelf and 6 books on each row. How many books are on the whole bookshelf?
a) 42 shelves b) 35 books c) 42 books d) 35 shelves
There are 8 rows of students and 6 students in each row. How many students are there?
a) 4 rows b) 48 students c) 8 students d) 68 students
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