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taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea imported into the colonies.
a) Townshend Acts b) Tea Act c) Stamp Act d) Intolerable Acts
to take something back, usually laws or taxes
a) repeal b) delegate c) courage d) patriot
refusal to buy goods or services because of disagreements
a) natural rights b) boycott c) independence d) battle
The set of taxes that the colonists had to pay on paper, playing cards, and printed items
a) Intolerable Acts b) Tea Act c) Townshend Acts d) Stamp Act
the ability to be free from government opppression
a) quarter b) liberty c) delegate d) militia
taking goods and/or services into an area without government
a) rights b) retreat c) victory d) smuggling
money paid to the government to help with roads, public services, and maintenance of public areas
a) tax b) boycott c) quartering d) liberty
not able to chose representatives in the government and still having to pay taxes for support
a) freedom b) victory c) taxation without representation d) minutemen
British soldiers were able to stay in colonists' homes without permission
a) quartering b) battle c) independence d) surrender
the tax that King George III placed on tea
a) militia b) liberty c) tax d) Tea Act
a representative of a group of people in the government
a) delegate b) smuggling c) boycott d) victory
a group of laws that were meant to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
a) Tea Act b) Intolerable Acts c) Stamp Act d) Towshend Acts
giving up in a battle or war
a) victory b) retreat c) militia d) surrender
a group of men that were trained to be able to fight immediately in the Revolutionary War
a) minutemen b) patriot c) boycott d) repeal
a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency
a) representatives b) freedom c) militia d) quartering
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