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Causes rocks to expand and contract
a) Temperature b) Oxidation c) Lichens d) Acid Rain
The agent of erosion that causes large amount of sediment to move fast down a steep slope.
a) Water b) Wind c) Glaciers d) Gravity
Layers of rock peel.
a) Oxidation b) Exfolitaion c) Temperature d) Wind
A depositional environment allowing fine-grained sediment to settle.
a) Wind b) High Energy c) Low energy d) Water
A sign of chemical weathering.
a) dissolving b) abrasion c) temperature d) ice wedging
An agent in weathering that blows sand against rocks wearing it away.
a) Oxidation b) Ice Wedging c) Abrasion d) Plants
A depositional environment that deposits large amounts of large sediment after the energy slows down.
a) Sand Dunes b) High energy c) Shore line d) Low energy
Sediment that is laid down or settled after erosion has taken place.
a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Deposition d) Oxidation
Which is an agent of Mechanical Weathering?
a) Animals b) Acid Rain c) Lichens d) Oxidatioin
Which is an agent of Erosion?
a) Temperature b) Animals c) Plants d) Wind
Grinding away of rock by friction.
a) Temperture b) Plants c) Animals d) Abrasion
The removal of weathered material from one location to another.
a) Deposition b) Erosion c) Chemical Weathering d) Mechanical Weathering
When a rock changes color due to iron in the rock coming in contact with oxygen in the air.
a) Acid Rain b) Lichens c) Oxidation d) Temperature
The process that changes the material of a rock into new material.
a) Mechanical Weathering b) Chemical Weathering c) Erosion d) Deposition
Claws can break rock when burrowing.
a) Animals b) Plants c) Acid Rain d) Lichens
An agent of weathering when roots grow in rock.
a) Lichens b) Temperature c) Plants d) Ice wedging
Grinding away of rock by friction.
a) Ice Wedging b) Abrasion c) Plants d) Temperature
Water freezes, thaws and repeats expanding a crack in a rock each time.
a) Exfoliation b) dissolving c) Ice Wedging d) Acid Rain
The process that naturally breaks rocks into smaller pieces.
a) Chemical Weathering b) Erosion c) Deposition d) Mechanical Weathering
What are rocks make of
a) Cryatals b) Minerals c) Sand d) Pebbles
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