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Addicted people are
a) given up to habit b) highly intelligent c) free from habit d) extremely likeable
subsequent events are:
a) great b) earlier c) later d) timely
to defraud someone is:
a) help b) introduce c) praise d) swindle
the solvent company is:
a) able to pay debts b) bankrupt c) privately organized d) newly organized
to evict someone is:
a) regularly visit them b) send them somewhere c) force someone to leave d) to rent to someone
a radical plan is:
a) an imaginative plan b) a generous plan c) an enforced plan d) an extreme or dangerous plan
a formidable opponent is:
a) hard to beat b) weak c) smart d) happy
to ostracize someone is:
a) to discover b) to join c) to exclude d) to praise
the incompatible person is
a) kind and loving b) mismatched c) married d) agreeable
to have lax discipline
a) to have firm b) to have loose c) to have enforced d) to have optional
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