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a bird of prey
a) vulture b) hinges c) hawk d) vexed
movable joints or mechanism on which a door or kid swings as it opens a close
a) hinges b) forsight c) vexed d) hearken
listen;give heed to what is said
a) hearken b) lantern c) vexed d) cunningly
movable joints or mechanism on which a door or lid swings as it opens and closes
a) hinges b) vain c) cease d) deed
to stop
a) cease b) planks c) scantlings d) vain
a) reposed b) deed c) cease d) vain
the ability to make good judgements or to plan ahead
a) sagacity b) suppositions c) cease d) planks
long, flat pieces of timber
a) planks b) cease c) reposed d) deed
something thatis done, performed, or accomplished
a) deed b) dissemble c) scantlings d) reposed
rafters or timbers that compose a house frame
a) scantlings b) fatigues c) audicity d) mockery
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