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perceptive by touch
a) indifferent b) tangible c) stammer d) feeling
not permanent
a) transitory b) confidence c) happiness d) friendship
the act or state of being dipped or submerged in a liquid
a) immersion b) scrap c) flid d) facile
a) scrap b) flid c) substitute d) timidity
a flat-bottom boat
a) punt b) trainer c) propagate d) timidity
a failure or inability to restrain something
a) incontinence b) trainers c) propagate d) gratis
fearfulness, hesitance
a) timidity b) incontinence c) exotic d) immune
poetry written without rhyme
a) blank verse b) maladriot c) Loubard d) immune
quality of being overly emotional
a) sentimentality b) misconception c) disintegrate d) atrocious
clumsy, insensitive
a) Maladroit b) vandal c) atrocious d) misconception
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