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What is ITS
a) I Tell Sarsh b) Intelligent tutoring systems c) Intelligent teaching school d) Intelligent tree shoes
This began as a paint program
a) Kid Pix b) Google Earth c) Google Maps d) Kid Online
Name of Chapter
a) Solving Problem and Software Apps b) Exploring Problem Solving with Software, Apps and Video c) Exploring Problem Solving with Software, Apps and Games d) Problem solving and Exploring
Also known as Serious Games
a) Digital games for learning b) Internet based games c) Video games d) desktop games
Learning resources
a) Video b) Software Applications c) Google Earth d) Computer games
Forms of thinking, basic recall and interpretation of information is?
a) lower-order thinking b) high-order thinking c) knowledge thinking d) None of the above
List the badware program that enter people computers nknowingly
a) WebWatch, watchdog, and maddog b) ESRB, Stoddart and Adware c) Stealth dialers, spyware and adware d) software, spyware and Stealth
This is open to the public to use, copy and recreate, usually a little or no cost
a) Software b) Open results c) System software d) Open-source software
List the steps in Polya's framework
a) Understanding the problem, Using the telephone and Checking results b) Checking results, Using problem-solving strategies and Understanding the problem c) Checking results, Strategies and Understanding d) All of the above
What are Educational Apps
a) Software package b) Learning experiences that introduce the chapter c) Software applications for smartphones and tablets used in teaching or personal learning d) didital games for learning technology
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