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A special type of repetition- one where the same word or phrase is repeated at the beginning of a sentence...
a) logos b) anaphora c) rhetorical question d) hyperbole
A ____________Question doesn't necessarily give an answer.
a) repetitive b) logical c) rhetorical d) emotional
This device is used by writers in order to emphasize an idea or belief...
a) personification b) metaphor c) repetition d) parallelism
If you damage your eye, then you have a(n)___________injury.
a) tirade b) lurch c) ocular d) quiver
If it's meant to teach you, then it is ...
a) stoic b) incomprehensible c) didactic d) palatable
If you make a change, you are creating a(n)...
a) stoic b) amendment c) epic d) didactic
You might see or hear one of these at a fair..
a) calliope b) amendment c) ocular d) tirade
A serious person is also a _______one.
a) lurch b) quiver c) residual d) stoic
If you make a teacher upset, you'll hear one of these...
a) epic b) gruff c) tirade d) calliope
If you can see ghosts, chances are you could be described as possessing...
a) epic b) calliope c) clarirvoyance d) gruff
In literature, this is known as a long, narrative poem...
a) epic b) calliope c) incomprehensible d) stoic
PIzza, ice cream, and french fries are all ______________food.
a) voracious b) palatable c) ocular d) didactic
A good word to describe a hungry person.
a) voracious b) quiver c) residual d) ocular
Referring to a historical, mythological, or famous event/person
a) allusion b) anaphora c) repetition d) hyperbole
A type of appeal in which the writer tries to get us to believe or trust him/her
a) pathos b) ethos c) logos d) factual
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