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A smaller body of fresh water surrounded by land.
a) Floor b) Pond c) Biome d) Lake
Aquatic system of interactions between organisms in salt water (seas, oceans; cover up to 75% of Earth's surface)
a) Boreal Forests b) Marine Ecosystem c) Freshwater Ecosystem d) Rain Forests
Frozen soil found in the tundra.
a) River b) Desert c) Boreal Forests d) Permafrost
A group of ecosystems with similar climates and organisms.
a) Pond b) Biotic c) Biome d) River
This is the zone where the ocean floor slopes, it is warm and sunny, and there are coral, sea turtles, fish, and dolphins
a) Deep zone b) Surface Zone c) Intertidal Zone d) Nertic Zone
Trees that produce their seeds in cones and have leaves shaped like needles.
a) Nertic Zone b) Coniferous Trees c) Deciduous Trees d) Understory
A layer of shorter trees and vines underneath the canopy.
a) Tundra b) Desert c) Esturary d) Understory
An area in the open ocean that is almost totally dark
a) Surface Zone b) Pond c) Deep zone d) Nertic Zone
Extremely cold and dry.
a) Canopy b) Pond c) Floor d) Tundra
A term that describes a nonliving factor in an ecosystem.
a) Canopy b) Abiotic c) Biotic d) Biome
The tallest layer of the rain forest that receives the most sunlight.
a) Emergent Layer b) Nertic Zone c) Deep zone d) Esturary
A term that describes a living or onceā€living organism in an ecosystem.
a) Biome b) Biotic c) Abiotic d) Pond
This is the warm, top layer of ocean water
a) Nertic Zone b) Permafrost c) Surface Zone d) Deep Zone
An ecosystem that is formed where freshwater from a river or stream that merges with the saltwater from the ocean
a) Stream b) Desert c) Tundra d) Esturary
The bottom layer of the rain forest.
a) Floor b) Lake c) Pond d) Biome
Trees that shed their leaves and grow new ones each year.
a) Deep Zone b) Deciduous Trees c) Coniferous Trees d) Desert
A large, flowing body of water that usually empties into a sea or ocean.
a) River b) Floor c) Desert d) Biome
Forests in which large amounts of rain fall year round.
a) Boreal Forests b) Rain Forests c) Canopy d) Permafrost
A large body of fresh water surrounded by land.
a) Biome b) Pond c) Lake d) River
The ocean shore between the lowest low tide and the highest high tide
a) Intertidal Zone b) Surface Zone c) Deep zone d) Nertic Zone
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