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Small units that make both DNA and RNA
a) amino acids b) neucleotides c) phosphate d) sugar
What are the 3 parts of a nucleotide?
a) sugar, phosphate, nitrogen base b) nucleic acid, ribose, water c) thymine, cytosine, adenine d) circle, square and pentagon
What do we call the shape of the DNA double strand?
a) ladder b) crystal tomography c) double helix d) crystal lattice
What do we call it when A-T and C-G go together?
a) complementary base pairs b) chemicals c) amino acids d) bonds
What is the name of the sugar in RNA?
a) deoxyribose b) glucose c) ribose d) sucrose
What matches GTA in DNA?
a) CUU b) CAT c) GTA d) GGC
What is found in RNA but not DNA?
a) adenine b) guanine c) thymine d) uracil
The specific location on a chromosome, made of a section of DNA is called a (n)____.
a) amino acid b) bond c) gene d) nucleotide
What is made of hundreds of genes that determine the proteins that make up an organism?
a) amino acid b) chromosome c) gene d) RNA
What must cells have in the correct order to make the specific proteins needed by the body?
a) hydrogen bonds b) mRNA c) nitrogen bases d) ribosomes
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