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Everything around an animal, including its predators, is part of an animal's
a) environment b) adaptation c) camouflage d) mimicry
When a predator comes near, animals seek
a) shelter b) camouflage c) mimicry d) adaptation
Some animals stay very still around predators, because they use ______, which helps them hide from the predator.
a) camouflage b) mimicry c) environment d) adaptation
Some animals are able to escape from an attack by looking like another animal or object. This is called __________.
a) mimicry b) camouflage c) environment d) shelter
Each ______ an animal has helps it survive in its environment.
a) adaptation b) shelter c) camouflage d) mimicry
A behavior that is not learned is called an ___________.
a) instinct b) adaptation c) climate d) hibernation
One example of an instinct is ________, a long period of deep sleep.
a) hibernation b) mimicry c) migration d) learned behavior
During hibernation, an animal needs less
a) oxygen b) climate c) instincts d) learned behavior
One instinct is called _______, which is a movement of a group of animals to another region and back.
a) migration b) hibernation c) camouflage d) learned behavior
Seasonal change can cause some insects and other animals to go through _______, a series of changes from egg to adult.
a) metamorphosis b) instinct c) mimicry d) hibernation
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