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Which do nimbostratus clouds most often produce?
a) fog b) hail c) rain d) wind
Which best describes the weather condition in which clouds touch the surface of Earth?
a) dry b) foggy c) humid d) stormy
Which kind of weather change will occur with an increase in air pressure?
a) cooler and dryer b) colder and rainier c) hotter and stormier d) warmer and moister
A class observes high, feathery clouds during their data collection. Which student's conclusion is most reasonable?
a) Anita says the feather clouds are rain clouds, and it will rain in the next few hours. b) Stacy says the feathery clouds will remain stationary and bring no rain over the next few days. c) Tyree says high clouds mean skies are clearing, and there will be sunny skies the next few days. d) John says high clouds mean a front is coming and will bring clouds and rain in the next few days.
The cooling of warm, humid air will most likely bring what type of precipitation?
a) hail b) rain c) sleet d) snow
Which type of cloud is associated with days of light, continual rain?
a) cirrus b) stratus c) cumulus d) cumulonimbus
If the temperature is 30 F, in which form will precipitation most likely be?
a) fog b) hail c) rain d) snow
Which type of cloud is most often observed during a thunderstorm?
a) cirrus b) stratus c) cumulus d) cumulonimbus
Which tool is used to measure air pressure?
a) anemometer b) barometer c) psychrometer d) thermometer
Which best explains why it is important for people to be able to identify cumulonimbus clouds?
a) cumulonimbus clouds can cause mild showers b) cumulonimbus clouds can cause severe thunderstorms c) cumulonimbus clouds form near Earth's surface, causing fog d) cumulonimbus clouds form when the temperature is below freezing
The weather forecast in today's newspaper predicts rain throughout the entire day. Which describes how the sky will most likely look?
a) sunny and clear of clouds b) mostly sunny with a few wispy clouds c) partly sunny with many puffy clouds d) mostly covered in low, heavy clouds
What type of cloud is usually associated with thunderstorms?
a) cirrus b) stratus c) cumulus d) cumulonimbus
Which instrument is used to determine air pressure?
a) barometer b) anemometer c) psychrometer d) thermometer
Which type of weather occurs when clouds form near the ground?
a) foggy b) rainy c) sunny d) windy
Which type of weather most likely occurs in a high pressure area?
a) clear b) foggy c) rainy d) snowy
What weather change is most likely to happen if air pressure is falling?
a) the weather will become warmer b) the weather will become stormy c) the weather will become cooler d) the weather will become fair
Which weather condition will most likely occur when the atmospheric pressure in an area begins falling?
a) dry b) cold c) rainy d) sunny
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