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case where the law was broken
a) civil b) criminal c) juvenile d) due process
case where the law was NOT broken
a) misdemeanor b) felony c) civil d) criminal
someone under the age of 18
a) jurisdiction b) judicial review c) juvenile d) civil
evidence that suggests you probably did the crime
a) misdemeanor b) felony c) probable cause d) jurisdiction
less serious crime
a) misdemeanor b) felony c) civil d) criminal
more serious crime
a) misdemeanor b) felony c) civil d) criminal
Started with Marbury v. Madison
a) due process b) judicial review c) jurisdiction d) probable cause
asking for your case to be heard again by a higher court
a) probable cause b) juvenile c) civil case d) appeal
the power to declare something unconstitutional
a) judicial review b) due process c) misdemeanor d) jurisdiction
the power to hear a court case
a) due process b) jurisdiction c) judicial review d) probable cause
the government can't treat you unfairly
a) Democracy b) due process c) appeal d) jurisdiction
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