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Which is the largest of the world's five oceans?
a) Atlantic b) Pacific c) Indian d) Arctic
What connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
a) Panama Canal b) Isthmus of Panama c) Latin America d) Caribbean Sea
What is the mountain range in Mexico?
a) Alps b) Andea c) Ural d) Sierra Madre
Which body of water has many islands that draw tourists?
a) Gulf of Mexico b) Pacific Ocean c) Caribbean Sea d) Amazon River
What is the largest country in South America?
a) Chile b) Brazil c) Venezuela d) Peru
What country shares a border with the United States?
a) Mexico b) Cuba c) Panama d) Venezuela
What is Mexico City's major environmental problem?
a) destruction of the rainforest b) ocean pollution c) air pollution d) nuclear waste
What is causing the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil?
a) road building b) mining c) new settlements d) all of the above
Where is oil pollution a serious problem?
a) Cuba b) Venezuela c) Haiti d) Brazil
One of the largest urban areas in the world is centered around:
a) Panama b) Caracas c) Mexico City d) Brasilia
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