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What are the 5E's in order?
a) Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate b) Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, Evaluate c) Evaluate, Explain, Explore, Entertain, Engage d) Engage, Evaluate, Explore, Explain, Elaborate
Is it important to do the 5E's in the correct order?
a) Yes b) No c) Maybe d)
Is allowable to skip a step?
a) No b) Yes c) Maybe d)
What does the Engage do?
a) It activates prior knowledge b) It tests what the students know c) It deepens their understanding d)
What is the purpose of the Explore?
a) To have the students get hands on with the content b) To have the students explain what they know c) To test their knowledge d)
What is the purpose of the Explain?
a) It gives the students the opportunity to solidify knowledge gained in the explore b) It gives the students an opportunity to get hands on c) It gives the opportunity to test the students d)
What is the purpose of the Elaborate?
a) It gives the students an opportunity to see the content in a new light b) It gives the students an opportunity to explore hands-on c) It gives the students an opportunity to explain what they know d)
Which one is not an E in the 5E model
a) Entertain b) Explain c) Explore d) Elaborate
In the 5E model the teacher acts as the...
a) Facilitator b) Leader c) Ruler d)
The 5E model can only be applied to science instruction.
a) False b) True c) d)
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