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On which peninsula would you find the Roman Republic/Empire
a) Italian b) Balkan c) Peloponnesus d) Arabian
This Roman constitution prevented the patricians from abusing their power
a) Hammurabi's Code b) Five Pillars c) Twelve Tables d) Eightfold Path
Rome fought Carthage in this war for control over West Europe and North Africa
a) Arabia b) Greece c) Persia d) Carthage
Emperor Constantine legalized this monotheistic religion
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Judaism d) Buddhism
Which of the following is not a reason for the fall of the Roman Republic
a) high unemployment among farmers b) spread of slavery into agriculture c) civil war over Julius Caesar d) Too much territory
a) r b) c) d) r
a) b) e c) d)
a) b) c) y d)
a) b) c) d) j
a) b) c) d) b
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