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excluded, by general consent
a) wrong b) ostracized c) incorrect d) correct
a rope with a loop
a) knot b) cowboy c) lasso d) deacon
a member of some christian churches
a) priest b) deacon c) d)
a place where bees are kept
a) apiary b) beekeep c) d)
crudity of style, taste, expression
a) no taste in general b) lame c) barbaridad d) barbaric
muscular; strong
a) sineway b) body builder c) incorrect d) correct
hairy, shaggy
a) unhygenic b) barbaric c) hirsute d) clean
a) lasso b) backwoods c) deacon d) apairy
any condition or place of temporary suffering
a) lasso b) torture c) purgatory d) purge
any broken form of language
a) pidgin b) backwoods c) werewolves d) heifers
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