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a) climax b) Narrative c) setting d) resolution
inferred meaning, implying
a) climax b) conflict c) plot d) connotation
strange, different, foreign, unfamiliar
a) robot b) random c) unkown d) Alien
secretive, secret, quiet caution
a) loud b) stealthy c) whisper d) strange
feeling comfortable in normal situation
a) contetment b) routine c) Routine Contentment d) contentment routine
evil, harmful, spiteful ghost
a) Pultergust b) Demon c) Malevolent Phantom d) Alien
hoping for the best
a) stealthy b) optimism c) alien d) inference
drawing a conclusion
a) stealthy b) alien c) inference d) sneak
hazy, unclear, uncertain, not cleary understood or expressed
a) Vague b) confused c) wrong d) mess
a plan, purpose
a) climax b) Plot c) conflict d) resolution
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