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what is the 1 st classification?
a) phylum b) class c) kingdom d) species
what is the second classification?
a) phylum b) IGA c) Fungi d) class
what is the def of animalia?
a) it has none b) i dont know c) the name of the kingdom that is made up animals d) it means animal
what is the def of monera?
a) the kingdom that includes bacteria b) what is monera? c) monera is something that includes bacteria d) skip
what is the def of dichotomous key?
a) a guid used to identify an orginism based on its characteristics b) whaz that c) EMS d) its like a dictionanary
do u like this?
a) YES b) NO c) ITS OKAY d) NOT in a million years
What is a genus?
a) the first part of an organism's scientific name: a group of organisms that share major characteristics and are therefore clos b) uh c) it is something closely related d) A moon
What is the linnean system?
a) a name of the kingdom b) it's a system that has lines c) it's that made up technology d) a classification system useful for storing and finding info about living things
What is fungi?
a) It's a plant b) It grows on places c) The name of the kingdom of plant like organisms that don't make up their own food, but take the nutrients that they need form d) its green
What is Plantae?
a) PLantae the name of the kingdom that is made up of plants b) it is a plant c) it is name named in latin d) its a plant on mars
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